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Many businesses grow to need the financial and commercial skills of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), but can’t afford to employ one internally.
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Law firms today operate in a time of significant change and uncertainty.

de Blonk Smith Young have worked with Law Firms to develop a White Paper identifying the Seven Deadly Sins of Law Firms*
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Recent News

Tax Update – ATO Hit List

With state of the art data matching capabilities, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is casting a wide net in the 2017 year. Some of the areas that appear to be on the hit list are summarised below:

1. Work Related Expenses

Performing analytics the ATO will use various [...]

Charity Profile – Tangalooma EcoMarines Foundation

We usually profile a client of the firm. However, in 2016 one of our directors, David Young, joined the Board of the Tangalooma EcoMarines Foundation. David is excited about the work being undertaken by the charity and its potential to inspire [...]