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Many businesses grow to need the financial and commercial skills of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), but can’t afford to employ one internally.
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Law firms today operate in a time of significant change and uncertainty.

de Blonk Smith Young have worked with Law Firms to develop a White Paper identifying the Seven Deadly Sins of Law Firms*
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Recent News

OUTSOURCED CFO – How to create a competitive advantage? (The ‘Uber’ Example)

Creating and maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s business environment requires constant innovation. New products, services and processes are necessary to acquire and grow customers and improve profitability.

The “Uber” threat to the taxi industry is a good example of how an outdated business model can lose market share.

Tax Update – Superannuation and the SuperStream

A reminder for all employers to be ready for the Government’s SuperStream initiative by 30 June 2016.

Under SuperStream, employers will be required to make super contributions on behalf of employees by submitting data and payments electronically in a single transaction.

Related party employers are exempt from using the [...]

Client Profile – EDSCO – Education Supply Company Pty Ltd

EDSCO is one of the largest educational supply businesses in Queensland. The company has an extensive range of educational products, ranging from text books to hands-on resources to stationery to charts and stickers for teachers to use in the classroom.

The business has an 800m2 air-conditioned shop in [...]