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Many businesses grow to need the financial and commercial skills of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), but can’t afford to employ one internally.
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Law firms today operate in a time of significant change and uncertainty.

de Blonk Smith Young have worked with Law Firms to develop a White Paper identifying the Seven Deadly Sins of Law Firms*
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Recent News

Can you retire without selling?

Are you one of the many baby boomer business owners struggling to come to terms with Succession and Retirement Planning? Current economic times make it difficult for baby boomers to effectively plan their transition to retirement. They face a real dilemma: sell the business and invest in an unstable share market; [...]

How to achieve your New Year’s goals

During the holiday season business owners and managers tend to reflect upon the past and set goals for the future. Critical to the success of any business is the ongoing progress towards achieving these goals. Key performance indicators (KPI’s), both financial and non-financial, are often used to monitor results and provide [...]

Is your business at the top of the game?

Some time ago a young cricketer at the Australian Cricket Academy was approached to bat whilst the Australian team were practicing in the nets nearby. The team’s fast bowlers were asked to try and bowl out the 16 year old star of the future.

With little success [...]